About Jane

Jane began her journey with yoga 17 years ago and has since travelled extensively overseas, studying different styles of yoga, pilates and pranayama with teachers in London, Europe, Mexico and Canada. Jane has been teaching for 15 years and running her business here for 12 years.

She completed her yoga teacher training at the International Chakra Yoga Centre in Victoria, Canada, with teachers from lineage of Swami Gitananda, of Pondicherry, S India.

In addition she has taught and worked with students in Vancouver, Canada, and at the Yoga Teacher Training School in Baja, Mexico.  She now runs her own yoga and pilates classes in Beckenham, Kent, SE England.

Jane’s teaching style is hatha vinyasa flow fused with pilates and core strengthening, often including dynamic sun and moon salutation flows, with a focus on correct alignment, proper breathing, developing strength; with time for deep relaxation and meditation.  She also teaches yin yoga, pregnancy yoga, mum and baby yoga, meditation, chakra balancing, and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation), and has made her own Yoga Nidra CD.

Jane’s classes are a wonderful balance of hatha postures and education, focusing on strengthening and toning, increasing mental focus and flexibility; all of which help reduce stress, increase stamina, boost energy levels and bring about an overall enhanced feeling of well being, vitality, calmness, confidence and self-awareness.  Jane invites you to share with her the many benefits of yoga, as well as a sense of fun and achievement, as you deepen your body-mind connection and enjoy your journey with yoga.


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