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Special post natal exercises, focusing on all over body strengthening, core/tummy work to get your stomach back (!) and relaxation and breathing.

The babies love it too and we do exercises with them, as they are very close to you. They enjoy being next to you and it is a chance for you to also relax and bond and have some quality time with him/her….if he/she is sleeping or you need to change/feed that is fine also.

As we are all in a large circle, the babies are near to each other, and I play music.

At the end of the class the mums and babies tend to feel more relaxed, energised, stress free and generally happier.

Benefits of Mum & Baby Fitness

  • • Helps re-condition the body after pregnancy – tones abdominals & pelvic floor
  • • Nurturing for mum whilst enjoying activities with your baby
  • • Strengthens, tones, reduces tightness and tension – ( I focus quite a lot on the back, tummy & legs )
  • • Provides a nurturing space for both mum and baby to relax and bond together
  • • Can reduce weight – as regulates the metabolism
  • • Develops muscles
  • • Helps relax mum and baby – as baby enjoys one-to-one contact
  • • Can help your baby sleep and feed better
  • • It’s fun and a good opportunity to meet/interact with other mums and babies!

Class Details

Thursday at 10:15am – 11:10am (term time only) at St James Church, St James’ Avenue, Beckenham.

We are actually in one part of the church so go around the side of the church, (not the black gates) and the door is there – you will be looking out towards the main road, Elmers End roundabout – it is that side. There is free parking in the carpark and outside on St James’ Avenue.

Please bring a blanket or mat for your baby to lie on, and a yoga mat. If you don’t have a yoga mat, I have spares that I hire, and I also sell them new in various colours, so you can buy one from me if you wish.

The babies are aged from 6 wks to 8-11 months when they are crawling and moving a lot. If he/she is sitting that is fine, they don’t all lie down – I have babies who are 8 to 10 months and not crawling. The floor is of different coloured squares, so is soft and very hygienic and also stimulating for the babies to look at.


It is £10 drop-in, block booking is cheaper. Class is popular so block booking is advised. However, you can try the class first and see how you get on, and do drop-in if you cannot commit. It is very relaxed and informal, and you can bring the buggy inside. You can also feed and change there.

Don’t worry if you are late, just come in!

Terms: Block booking of classes is consecutive and once booked is non-refundable. 

Mum & Baby Yoga / Pilates

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