Pregnancy / Pre-Natal Yoga & Pilates

This class has returned in person to St Michael’s Church, Ravenscroft Road, Beckenham. Please book online or contact Jane for details.

Yoga is a fantastic tool to keep your body and mind strong and flexible during pregnancy. It can help support you during this transformation. During pregnancy is one of the best times to do yoga as the body is naturally more flexible, and you and your baby will feel the benefits from the movements, stretching and breathing. It doesn’t matter if you have never done yoga before. The classes are suitable for all levels; it is special yoga for pregnancy, the class is relaxed and informal, and one can go at one’s own pace. Classes are adapted to the specific needs of the individual so everyone can practise with confidence, ease and comfort. Modifications are offered according to stages of pregnancy, flexibility and strength.

It will also help alleviate any discomfort, swelling, or pain you might be feeling and will make you feel more relaxed generally. The special yoga breathing techniques and the poses/movements taught help to prepare for an easier, less traumatic labor and childbirth.

It is safe to start anytime after 12-14 weeks, up to 40 weeks or when the baby is due; and if you come regularly you will feel the benefits, prepare yourself better for the birth and most probably have a speedier and healthier recovery afterwards. (Please see benefits section).

Sometimes Jane organises Speakers to come and talk briefly regarding antenatal topics, for the last 5 – 10 minutes of the class, so there is the opportunity to ask questions and take leaflets if you wish. People find it very informative and helpful.

Coming regularly to a class is also a great opportunity to socialise with other pregnant women, share tips & support each other in this most precious time of your life and have that social network for after pregnancy.

Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

– Special yoga for pregnancy, preparing you for an easier labor & birth
– Exercises & stretching to relax you & your baby
– Develops bonding with you & your baby
– The stretching & moving with correct breathing, help allow sufficient space for your baby to grow healthily and move
– Tones and increases flexibility
– Helps lower blood pressure
– Many yoga participants report sleeping better
– Helps improve digestion and elimination
– Is ideal for strengthening muscles and joints in a safe and non-impacting manner
– Helps promote circulation throughout the body
– Releases stress, anxiety & tension – mentally, physically & emotionally
– Brings about feeling of happiness, calmness and increases mental focus
– Quicker and healthier post natal recovery – for body & mind

Prices & Bookings

All classes can be booked online directly from the Class Schedule. All classes cost £11. When a block of classes is booked (consecutive – 6, 8 or 10) it works out cheaper. Please contact Jane for details.

What to Wear

Loose fitting clothing, such as leggings, or tracksuit bottoms, loose fitting top that you can easily move around in. It is a good idea to bring some water for after the class.

Terms: Block booking of classes is consecutive and once booked is non-refundable.