Pregnancy / Pre-Natal Yoga & Pilates

Please book online or contact Jane for details.

***This class will resume again in Salisbury and at Old Sarum Community Centre at the beginning of September, 2022.  Please email for more info if necessary.***

Yoga and pilates are fantastic exercises to keep your body and mind strong and flexible during pregnancy. It can help support you during this transformation. During pregnancy is one of the best times to do yoga as the body is naturally more flexible, and you and your baby will feel the benefits from the movements, stretching and breathing. It doesn’t matter if you have never done yoga before, beginners are welcome! The classes are suitable for all levels; the class is relaxed and informal, with variations and modifications for all stages of pregnancy from 12 to 40 weeks.  Jane guides you through the exercises in a relaxed and informal environment with the chance to rest if you need to.

It is safe to start anytime after 12-14 weeks, and you can continue up until baby is due up.  Regular practice helps condition your body and prepare you better for the birth, and can aid in a speedier and healthier recovery afterwards. (See benefits section). The class will help alleviate any discomfort, swelling, or pain you might be feeling and will make you feel more relaxed generally.

It is also a great opportunity to socialise with other pregnant women, share tips & support each other in this most precious time of your life and have that social network for after pregnancy.

Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga/Pilates

– Special exercises for pregnancy, preparing you for an easier, less traumatic labor & birth
– Exercises condition the body, strengthening & stretching tone up
– Develops bonding with you & your baby
– The stretching & moving with correct breathing, help allow sufficient space for your baby to grow healthily and move
– Tones and increases flexibility
– Helps lower blood pressure
– Helps you sleep better, as relaxes the central nervous system and calms you
– Is ideal for strengthening muscles and joints in a safe and non-impacting manner
– Helps promote circulation of blood to baby, your digestion and elimination
– Releases stress, anxiety & tension – mentally, physically & emotionally
– Brings about feeling of relaxation, happiness, calmness and increases mental focus
– Quicker and healthier post natal recovery – for body & mind

Prices & Bookings

All classes can be booked online directly from the Class Schedule.  Drop in £12.  Block booking of 6 is £62.  Please contact Jane for more details or any questions.  Classes run during term time.

What to Wear/bring

Loose fitting clothing, such as leggings, or tracksuit bottoms, that you can easily move around in

Yoga/fitness mat. I sell them in various colours if you need one – can be purchased in the booking class section

Water for after the class.

Terms: Block booking of classes is consecutive and once booked is non-refundable.