Yoga & Pilates

All classes are available in person and online. Please book online or contact Jane for details.

Yoga and Pilates are both amazing! The practice is suitable for all levels, all ages, and yields an instant feel-good effect as well as being a very complete physical exercise, using every muscle group in the body. Jane teaches hatha flow yoga which is a fusion of both yoga and pilates together to strengthen, tone, increase flexibility, release stress and tension and discomfort in any area of the body and to improve posture. The practice works the whole body and has a great calming effect on the mind; increasing stamina and a greater sense of wellbeing, also cultivating calmness and vitality. (See all benefits listed below).

The flow of hatha yoga is a series of postures (asanas) which are linked together with the breath to achieve the benefits mentioned above. Variations are given so that individuals can work at their own pace without feeling pressured or pushed to achieve, whilst listening to one’s body and working within one’s own limits, as well as challenging oneself to deepen one’s practiced.

Benefits of Yoga/Pilates

-Develops strength, stamina and increases lung capacity
– Is a great all over body workout, focusing also on core/abdominal strength
– Tones and increases flexibility
– Improves posture
– Can be used to reduce weight, as it regulates the metabolism
– Releases stress, anxiety & tension – mentally, physically & emotionally
– Relaxes the Central Nervous System and develops left & right sides of Brain

Prices & Bookings

All classes can be booked online directly from the Class Schedule. All yoga classes from £11. When a block of classes is booked (consecutive – 6, 8 or 10) it works out cheaper.

What to Wear

Loose fitting clothing, such as leggings, or tracksuit bottoms, loose fitting top that you can easily move around in. It is a good idea to bring some water for after the class.

Terms: Block booking of classes is consecutive and once booked is non-refundable.