Yoga & Pilates Classes

All classes are available in person.  Please book online or contact Jane for details.

***Classes at Old Sarum Community Centre and at Laverstock Village Hall start again at the beginning of September, 2022.  Please email for more info if necessary.***

Yoga and Pilates are amazing – suitable for all levels and all ages.  They give an instant feel-good effect as well as being a very complete physical exercise, using every muscle group in the body. Jane teaches hatha yoga – a dynamic and energising vinyasa flow of exercises to heat up the body then a gentle wind down with stretches.  Vinyasa flow is fused with pilates and core strengthening, with variations for all levels.  There is a focus on correct alignment, proper breathing, developing strength and stamina; with time for a lovely relaxation and meditation.  Jane encourages you to challenge yourself in a non-competitive environment.  She also teaches yoga for runners, pregnancy yoga, mum and baby yoga, meditation, and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation).

Benefits of Yoga/Pilates

-Develops strength, stamina and flexibility

– Is a great all over body workout, focusing also on core/abdominal strength
– Improves posture
– Can be used to reduce weight, as it regulates the metabolism
– Releases stress, anxiety & tension – mentally, physically & emotionally
– Relaxes the Central Nervous System and develops focus and concentration.

Prices & Bookings

All classes can be booked online directly from the Class Schedule. Drop in £12.  Block booking 6 classes £62.

What to Wear

Loose fitting clothing, such as leggings, or tracksuit bottoms, loose fitting top that you can easily move around in. It is a good idea to bring some water for after the class.

Terms: Block booking of classes is consecutive and once booked is non-refundable.