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All levels beginner to advanced, one to one, pre and post natal, meditation, workshops and retreats!

Yoga and pilates are amazing! Regular practice increases energy levels, body strength, stamina, develop muscles and reduce weight. They also can help release stress and tension in the body and help overall wellbeing and self-awareness

Yoga and pilates are also really beneficial for other sports, including cycling, running, football etc as they help to reduce risk of injury, increase flexibility, strengthen, tone and stretch, boosting all over body fitness and wellbeing.

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“Jane’s yoga classes and her gentle and positive style of teaching have made such a difference to my life… “

Yoga / Pilates Classes

Yoga / Pilates Classes

These classes are suitable for all levels and all ages. Regular practice yields an instant feel-good effect as well as being a very complete physical exercise, using every muscle group in the body.

Pre-Natal Yoga Classes

Pre-Natal Yoga Classes

Yoga is a fantastic tool to keep your body and mind strong and flexible during pregnancy. It can help support you during this transformation.

Mum & Baby Yoga / Pilates Classes

Mum & Baby Yoga / Pilates Classes

Special post natal exercises, focusing on all over body strengthening, core/tummy work to get your stomach back (!) and relaxation and breathing.

Private Classes

Private Classes

These can be booked with Jane by calling on 07726 554 298 or clicking here to email.



  • Over the past year, I've attended both Jane's pregnancy, and mother and baby classes, and really enjoyed both. Jane is a warm and welcoming teacher who takes time to really explain postures and check on how each individual is doing throughout the class. Her sessions are a wonderful way to keep fit and flexible, and let go of stress. I particularly love her mother and baby classes as they're a great way to meet other mums. Jane is very proactive about encouraging mums to go for coffee afterwards which is lovely.

    Christina Pregnancy & Mum & Baby Yoga Classes
  • I have been coming to Jane's Monday night yoga for about six months. I must say I find the class pretty hard. However, I always feel great afterwards, energised and relaxed at the same time! Its helping me in my work as an osteopath and with strength and flexibility on the tennis court. Andreas Jochim Registered Osteopath Strawberry House Clinic in Hayes.

    Andreas Jochim Monday Yoga Pilates Class
  • I've had problems with my back since my early twenties, culminating in a slipped disc in 2007. After seeing a chiropractor for many years, he recommended yoga to help free up my muscles and improve my core strength and suggested that I try one of Jane's classes in 2012. I found the class very enjoyable; Jane is a fantastic, inclusive teacher who encourages everyone to do the best they can do without pushing themselves too far and I was initially surprised how much I could actually do. Although my muscles were stiff to start with, regular practice has made me more flexible and I look forward to the class every week. I also went on the yoga holiday in 2013 which was an amazing experience, both physically and emotionally and my yoga improved so much during the week. In fact, when I returned and saw my chiropractor, he said it's the best my back has ever been.....and I now don't have to see him as often. I would never have expected that in the space of 6 years, from barely being able to stand and in constant pain, I would be able to do the wheel.....and that's all down to Jane's teaching. Katy - Thursday Yoga Class, October 2013

    Katy Thursday Yoga Class
  • I just wanted to say thank you. I really do believe that I had a quick and 'relatively' pain free birth due to the preparation I received in your pregnancy yoga classes. It was a completely natural birth at the Oasis centre, Princess Royal University Hospital. I used a TENS machine and nothing else, mainly managing my pain using breathing exercises I learnt in Jane's class. I comfortably laboured at home during the day and after my waters broke we went to the hospital at 5pm and my daughter, Isla was born just after 9pm. I was unable to have a water-birth as planned, due to there being slight traces of meconium in the waters, but other than that, the birth was exactly as I had hoped. I delivered bang on 41 weeks, one day before I was booked in for a sweep. As I was eager not to be induced I was practicing many methods to naturally induce the labour including walking, curries, pineapple, raspberry leaf tea and of course sex! I also had 2 acupuncture sessions at Herbs Plus on Beckenham High Street which I would highly recommend to other ladies who are heading towards induction. I will be in touch in the next few months to get booked into your mother and baby class! Thank you!

    Rachel Pregnancy Yoga Class
  • I've found it to be a powerful technique as an aide to relaxation and a way of focusing the mind. I use the CD a lot and find Jane's voice and instructions to be both calming and soothing.

    Steve Yoga Nidra
  • Going to this class has really helped to alleviate the lower back pain and sciatica that I have been troubled with for the past three years. After only three months of classes, I could forward bend and touch the floor for the first time in twenty years! I am now more supple, stronger and energised. I feel years younger. Thank you Jane.

    Janice Thursday Yoga Class
  • I have been taking Jane's hatha yoga classes for over two years; I also went on the yoga holiday to spain to relax and revitalise, and it helped me deepen my yoga practice. The biggest impact yoga has had in the last four months is to aid to help me lose over 5 stone. It gives me the opportunity to relax and strengthen as well as sooth my mind. Jane is a fantastic teacher who will give you support in whatever you want to achieve. Give it a try and you will be amazed by the results!

    Liz Monday Yoga Pilates Class
  • My doctor recommended yoga 2 years ago as a way to help me get back to fitness after a hysterectomy. When I joined Jane's class she watched over me and made sure that I never did anything I shouldn't, whilst encouraging me to try new yoga moves and over time I could really feel myself improving. I have got stronger and more supple. My upper body strength has really improved and I find that I have so much more energy than I had before. It has made such a difference to the way I feel that I can't imagine myself ever stopping!

    Jacqueline Thursday Yoga Class
  • I have been doing classes with Jane for about two years now. I've tried a number of her classes, but find first thing on Saturday morning suits me best, as I can really relax into it and focus on the yoga, having escaped the mayhem of the kids on Saturday mornings. Now that I'm fast approaching forty, I think it's more important than ever to pay attention to keeping my body in shape. A number of friends have commented on how my stomach has snapped back into shape after my second child, something I put mainly down to Jane's classes (combined with a lot of walking and a sensible diet). Other's have commented on my core strength and flexibility, for example that I can easily get up from the floor whilst carrying a child, again, it's down to the yoga. I fully plan to keep practicing, as I believe yoga has long term health benefits, keeping you strong and flexible, and far less likely to get injured or seize up as you get older. I also find the classes very relaxing and enjoyable, they set me up for the weekend.

    Helen Mum & Baby Class
  • After injuring my back at work, my wife suggested that I try yoga. I was a bit sceptical at first but would highly recommend these classes to anyone of any ability. These classes have the perfect balance of meditation and physical endurance. Jane guides you through every move and constantly challenges you so that you feel stronger and able to work harder with each session. I certainly feel the difference in my body and mind. My back has improved - the physiotherapist was pleased with my progress and has encouraged me to continue the yoga sessions. It is incredible how something so relaxing as yoga practice can tone and strengthen your body, especially in places most other forms of exercise neglect. Yoga practice has become an important part of my week and I can't see myself ever stopping.

    Graham Monday Yoga Pilates Class

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