Yoga & Pilates are amazing! Regular practice works every muscle group in the body, increasing energy levels, body strength and stamina and enhancing overall well-being. They also can help reduce weight, release stress and tension in the body and mind and help increase focus and concentration. Yoga and Pilates are also really beneficial for other sports, including cycling, running and football as they help to reduce the risk of injury, increase flexibility and strengthen - boosting all over body fitness and well-being. Radiant Yoga is for all levels, beginner to advanced. As well as Yoga and Pilates classes, Jane also teaches one to one, pregnancy, mum and baby fitness, kids yoga, meditation and runs retreats in Spain.
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Yoga & Pilates Classes
These classes are suitable for all levels and all ages. Regular practice yields an instant feel god effect as well as being a very complete physical exercise, using every muscle group in the body
Pre-Natal Yoga
Yoga is a fantastic tool to keep your body and mind strong and flexible during pregnancy. It can help support you during the transformation.
Mum & Baby Yoga / Pilates
Special post natal exercises, focusing on all over body strengthening, core/tummy work to get your stomach back and relaxation and breathing.

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Classes are studio based as well as taking place via Zoom. All abilities welcome.
Jane Houlding, Radiant Yoga Salisbury, UK
E-mail: radiantyoga.jane@gmail.com Phone: 07726 554 298