Meditation & Relaxation

In our fast paced modern world of today, in which activity, achievements and results, are all important and dominant, it is essential that we take some time out for ourselves….to re-connect, to relax, to increase our inner peace, to release stress and tension – all of which can build up gradually within us if we don’t know how to switch off properly. The effects of these types of stresses can cause illness, depression, anxiety, unhappiness and have a very negative effect on the immune system.

During the classes, Jane guides you through easy and basic meditation techniques that will immediately have a positive effect physically and mentally. Cushions are provided. No previous experience is necessary.

Physiological Benefits:

– Relaxes heart & respiratory rate
– Releases stress and tension
– Slows down aging process
– Increases ability to concentrate & focus
– Increases alpha brain waves that are important for relaxation
– Balances the sympathetic and para sympathetic nervous system
– Improves immunity
– Improves chronic conditions such as insomnia, menopause, chronic fatigue and hypertension.

Psychological Benefits:

– Reduces anxiety, grief, anger, stress, depression and overall negativity
– Deepens your sense of intuition, and creativity
– Slows down the mind chatter
– Increases productivity, clarity, decision making is easier
– Increases self-awareness, sense of who you really are and your core inner values/strengths.
– Brings about feeling of positivity, inner peace and calmness.

Monthly meditation classes will be on the schedule. Please contact Jane for more details.